Ricksha Mama

Bhuvana, A lonely girl who is parentless longs for true love and parental care. Though Bhuvana is a granddaughter of a rich businessman he has no time to spend time with the child. The child wants to travel in the Rickshaw along with other children and she wants to be with Rickshaw Mama (Rickshaw uncle) aka Raja who takes of care of kids with love. Bhuvana is been attempted to kidnap and Raja saves her. Bhuvana is very adamant to go to school in the Rickshaw and her care taker appoints Bhuvana to drop in and pick up from school. Initially Rickshaw Man wonders why is he appointed for pick-up and drop when the child itself is rich enough. Later finds out that the girl is longing for love and affection. He takes care of Bhuvana with full affection and care and looks after her like a father. Since Bhuvana is under his care the kidnappers are not able to kidnap her. Raja brings home a woman and she is very fond of him and she starts loving him. However she is jealous of the child and Raja’s affection for the girl, she wanted him solely for her. She drives away the child by saying that Raja will love and take care of his own kid only rather than her. This drives Bhuvana crazy and she runs away. Unfortunately meeting with an accident. Bhuvana is admitted in the hospital and her grand father comes to visit the child. Rickshaw man finds the truth and rushes to see her in the hospital. The grand father is shocked to see him and asks his men to drive him away and Raja is injured. He also finds the truth that the child is his own daughter.

Genre: Drama




Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.9