Ivanuku Thannila Gandam

Saravana Perumal (Deepak Dinkar) is a television anchor who is experiencing hard times in both his professional and personal life. He is being bested at his workplace by a colleague, harassed by a loan shark, and fears his girlfriend Deepika (Neha Ratnakaran) is having an affair. Saravanan chooses to escape his troubles by going to a party with his friends where he becomes intoxicated. While drunk he unknowingly tells Mark (Rajendran), who is a hitman, to kill his competitor at work, his loan shark, and Deepika. When he wakes the following morning, he finds that his colleague and his loan shark are dead, and a call from Mark telling Saravanan that he has done what he has asked. Saravanan tries to prevent Mark from killing Deepika. Toward the end, it is revealed that Mark’s targets all died by accident before Mark could kill them. While attempting to kill Deepika, Mark falls from a ledge and dies, without Saravanan knowing his true identity as he was drunk when he met Mark. The end shows Saravanan being paranoid that every man who meets Deepika, now his wife, is secretly Mark and trying to kill her without ever knowing that the real Mark is dead.

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.5