Bairavaa (Kala Bhairava in Telugu version) (Vijay), a collection agent for ICCI Bank in Chennai (Vijayawada in Telugu version), is a righteous person who is willing to employ even violent means to get back the money from the debtors. During his manager’s daughter’s wedding, he comes across Malarvizhi (Keerthy Suresh), a medical student from Kallidaikurichi in Tirunelveli district (Vishakhapatnam in Telugu version), and immediately falls in love with her. Malar goes to the Koyambedu bus station to leave Chennai, where Bairavaa comes to propose his love, when he notices she is cornered by a group of thugs with intent to kill her, as she was allegedly involved in an attack on a union minister’s son Charan (Roshan Basheer). However, they retreat after receiving a call from Periyakannu alias PK (Jagapathi Babu) from Tirunelveli, who tells them not to harm her.

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.2