Vaaname Ellai

Five young people decide that life is not worth living anymore for various reasons.
Anand Babu, the son of a judge is an idealist and never suspects that the many gifts that are showered upon him by his father were things received as bribes. One day he shoots a video song about corruption in the society dressed as a robot. Seeing this, his friend remarks that his own father is very corrupt. The angered Anand Babu beats up his friend and challenges him that if that were true, he would commit suicide out of shame. Back at home, he sees his father taking a large amount of money as bribe for a lawsuit. The shocked Anand Babu argues with his father over his corrupt practices. His mother budges in and starts justifying corruption which has brought the family luxuries like the bungalow, car and Anand’s Yamaha bike. Besides, a large amount of money is needed for the marriage dowry of their two daughters (Anand’s sisters). Anand is unable to bear this and immediately sets fire to his new Yamaha bike. He leaves home.

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8