Deva and Shiva (both played by Ajith Kumar) are twins. Deva, the elder, is deaf and mute; but he is a genius, an expert at lip-reading, and the head of a successful advertising company. Shiva loves and trusts his brother. Priya (Simran) wants to marry someone who is an ex-smoker, ex-drunkard, and who got ditched by a girl but is pining for her. Learning this, Shiva, with the help of his friend Vicky (Vivek), invents an old romance between him and Sona (Jyothika), and finds his way into Priya’s heart.
Meanwhile, Deva chances upon Priya and lusts for her. His obsession continues even after his brother gets married to the girl of his dreams, and he devises various means of getting close to Priya and keeping Shiva and her separated.

Genre: RomanceThriller


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Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.9