Thalaimuraigal | Tamilian
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Balu Mahendra


Karthick, Balu Mahendra, M. Sasikumar

Thalaimuraigal (Tamil: தலைமுறைகள்) is a Tamil-language Family film which is Directed by Balu Mahendra performed by Karthick, Balu Mahendra, M. Sasikumar on 20 December 2013.

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    Aditya (Master Karthik) is a city bred child of a doctor couple who had an inter caste marriage. Due to circumstances Aditya is forced to spend a long time in village with his grandfather (Balu Mahendra) an old man who is fanatical about his religion, caste and his language. The old man turns the city bred English speaking Aditya into a real Tamil who speaks the language and understands the culture and traditions.

    Release Date:

    20 December 2013


    Balu Mahendra

    Production Co:

    Company Productions