Sindhu Nathi Poo

The film begins with the young man Sakthivel (Ranjith) coming back to his village. At his return, he is respected and treated as God by the villagers, they call him Thirukkaval. Thirukkaval still hates his father Chettiar (Jaishankar), stepmother Azhamu (Kavitha), stepbrother and stepsister. The kind-hearted Thirukkaval quickly makes enemies including Munnumunuthan (Vasu Vikram), Kodumudi (Kazan Khan) and his father Chettiar. Meanwhile, Pasupathy (Ravi Shankar) and Chinna Pulla (Rajakumari) fall in love with each other. The affair is soon exposed, so Thirukkaval arranges their wedding. Shortly after, Pasupathy dies in an accident and the villagers blame the innocent Thirukkaval.
In the past, Thirukkaval lived happily with his father Chettiar, his mother Shenbaga Valli and his baby sister Chittu. Chettiar had an affair with Shenbaga Valli’s sister Azhamu and Azhamu became pregnant. Unable to bear the situation, Shenbaga Valli killed her baby daughter and committed suicide. The angry Thirukkaval injured his father’s foot and run away. He then became a child labourer to make a living.
Chinna Pulla’s mother Appayi (Manorama) passes away. Thereafter, Thirukkaval is accused of having an affair with the widow Chinna Pulla. What transpires next forms the rest of the story.