Vasanthi (Bhavana) is the daughter of a man (Lal) who does a lot of help for the refugees. She instantly falls for Jeevan (Jiiva), a Tamil refugee staying in the camp in Rameswaram. Jeevan, nurturing a dream to go back to his homeland, keeps on discouraging the girl, who is stubborn in her love. Jeevan’s heart, influenced by the pure love of the girl, starts melting slowly. Enters Vasanthi’s cousin (Bose Venkat), who is full of dreams on marrying her. He joins as an inspector in the local police station. The whole family is eagerly awaiting their marriage. Problems arise when the family comes to know about the love. Vasanthi’s cousin and his uncle try to eliminate Jeevan. They keep on troubling him, without much success. Meanwhile, the refugees get a chance to go back, and Jeevan has to go with them. He promises Vasanthi that he would come back to marry her. The family is determined to stop him. Vasanthi decides to end her life if Jeevan does not turn up.

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