Oram Po

Chandru (Arya) and Bigilu (Lal) are close friends. Chandru is an expert auto driver and racer, while Bigilu is a mechanic expert at customizing autos to run at the dream speed of 130 km/h. Pichchai aka Son of Gun (John Vijay) is the chief of a rival group who wants to outsmart the duo. Chandru, the race champ, tries to settle the dues for his auto through a race, which is almost a cakewalk for him. He and Bigilu challenge Son of Gun to a race, and a date is fixed. Bigilu, meanwhile, introduces Chandru to his sister, who runs a biriyani shop. Chandru is attracted to her daughter Rani (Pooja), and woos her. The affair grows stronger, and the two end up having sex. However, Chandru is not interested in long-term commitment and tells Rani, who curses him and moves away. On the D-day, Chandru is distracted by the memories of his love affair and loses the race and his auto. Later, Bigilu comes to know about the affair. The subplot of a smuggler’s search for missing pearls adds flavour to the proceedings. The unpredictable and fun-filled climax puts everything in order.

Genre: ActionDrama

Director: ,

Actors: , ,


Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8