The film begins with Kannan (Vignesh) and Arthi (Neepa) entering a wedding hall early in the morning. Kannan was in love with the bride Radha (Sabarna Anand) while Arthi was in love with the groom Rohit (K. Suresh Kannan). Kannan hails from a middle class and works for a newspaper called “Kudiyarasu”. In the morning newspaper, “Kudiyarasu” accuses Minister Ambalavanan (Sethu Vinayagam) of scamming innocent people and in the evening newspaper, the newspaper will publish it with the evidence. Unfortunately, Raghavan (V. S. Raghavan) gives Kannan the wrong CD and the newspaper editor Ram asks Kannan to find the evidence before the evening. Kannan then reads his personal diary and starts remembering his past.

Quality: HD