Kanden Kadhalai

Shakthi (Bharath) becomes the managing director of Rajasekhar group of companies following his father’s death. He feels highly dejected because of troubles surrounding him such as continuous loss in business and also his girl friend Anita (Shammu) ditches him and marries another guy. Above all Shakthi develops enmity over his mother after she decides to remarry following her husband’s death.
Bombarded with troubles, Shakthi one day leaves his office and boards a train without even knowing the destination. In the train, Shakthi meets Anjali (Tamannaah), who is more bubbly and talkative and she is on her way back to her hometown Theni after completing her studies. Anjali keeps talking to Shakthi continuously which irritates him. Shakthi plans to jump from the fast moving train to end his life, but due to Anjali presence, he could not do it. Anjali informs Shakthi that she is in love with Gautham (Munna) and also about her plans to elope with him as her family is highly orthodox.

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.4