En Aasai Machan

Subramani (Murali), the college leader, falls in love with Meenakshi (Ranjitha), but she requests him to complete her challenges to accept his love. Subramani succeeds her challenges, and when she asks him to kiss her in public, he is arrested by a police officer (Radha Ravi). Aruchami (Vijayakanth), Subramani’s brother, the respected village chief, lives with Thayamma (Revathi).
In the past, Subramani’s mother died during Subramani’s childbirth. Aruchami and Thayamma got engaged when they were children. They stayed unmarried to take care of Subramani.
Subramani is later released from jail. Meenakshi’s uncle (Kazan Khan) wants to marry her, and he then beats up Aruchami. Later, Thayamma decides to work in Meenakshi’s house to spy on her. Meenakshi admits to Thayamma that she is in love with Subramani. Meenakshi’s uncle agrees for Meenakshi and Subramani’s marriage. Finally, Subramani and Meenakshi get married, but they discover that Thayamma has died.