In a bridge across a sea, saxophone music is heard which is played by Guna (Prabhu). He recollects about the tragedy which happened two years back in his life.
Guna and Siva (Ramesh Aravind) are two brothers who own an orchestra and are very popular with their performances. Both are very affectionate towards each other. Both of them look for their love and eventually find one. The girl whom Siva chose accepted his love, while the girl chose by Guna insults him of his fat size, which hurts him. Siva’s love fails and he is heartbroken. To console him, Guna shifts to city with Siva and his sister. Guna’s father had an illegal affair with a woman named Sitamma during their childhood, and on his deathbed, his father gets a promise from Guna that he should accommodate her with them as she does not have any relation. Guna, who lost his mother invites her to live with them. Sitamma accepts on condition that nobody in the family should know how she is related to them and also she should be introduced as a cook. Unwillingly, Guna accepts that. Guna, being a saxophone player, music director and lyricist, and Siva as a singer flourish in their career. Sitamma finds that Guna is a very affectionate person and Siva is a very sensitive person who cannot bear any downfalls in life even to a little extent.

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IMDb: 6.6