Jeevanandam (Jai), An aspiring filmmaker travels to ooty along with his wife Jacqueline (Anjali), his nephew and two friends in the hope of making a film on an haunted house he comes to know of through a facebook post, He lives in a Guest house closer to the house where they begin experiencing strange things with the Kid being lured by a balloon and befriending a Ghostly Girl. Finally realising they are the targets of Ghostly beings, meeting a priest who befriends them and helps them and through him get to know Jeevanandam’s past as Charlie and injustice done to him, Next step we have the hero taking revenge on the villain for the injustice done to the victims who have become the Ghosts and the priest being revealed as a spirit himself, finally they leave the place. and the camera pans out of the film screen and the whole film is shown as a Movie played in a theatre with it being the first film of aspiring film maker Jeevanandam ( Raj Tarun) and The reel Jeevanandam (Jai), Anjali and the others as actors in the film. The Film ends with Raja Ravindra a film person receiving a call from people and planning to demand money as the film has controversial content and finally the real ghosts appear and finish him off.

Genre: HorrorThriller


Actors: , ,


Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.7