In the world of technology, it has now become easy to stream various movies at different websites. However, you need to pay an amount to get benefits from the movie streaming websites, including HBO, Prime, and Netflix. To save your money, you can find pirated content streaming platforms, helping you to watch TV shows, movies, and videos free of cost.

Hence, pirated sites give you a chance of watching various types of media without restrictions. Now, we are going to tell you about one of the popular pirated sites- TamilYogi. TamilYogi helps you in getting entertainment from Tamil films.



What is TamilYogi?

TamilYogi presents you with the latest Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films, dubbed in a variety of languages. You will also get a collection of several Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The website interface is much user-friendly, and you may find it to be the most preferable platform to replace the highly-priced streaming websites.

TamilYogi has turned out to be highly popular with the release of Bahubali movie. After the release of the movie, lots of people have become interested in downloading Bahubali from TamilYogi. TamilYogi gained higher attention, as the best version of Bahubali was available for the first time on this website.

Types of contents available at TamilYogi

Once you have visited the website, you can find four types of media collections

  • The newly released Tamil movies
  • Tamil dubbed films- Hindi, English, Telugu, and Malayalam
  • DVD rip Tamil movies- Telugu, English, Malayalam, and Hindi
  • Tamil Blue-ray films- Hindi, English, Telugu, and Malayalam

How much money do they make?

As one of the users of TamilYogi, you may make questions- How does this website earn money? From, various sources, we have learned that there are ads from third party sites. These ads help TamilYogi owner to earn money. Thus, while using the site of TamilYogi, you can find lots of pop-up ads. Those ads keep on appearing on the site.

Is TamilYogi Legal?

Lots of people use pirated websites, like TamilYogi for downloading online films. However, in India, selling or buying any type of pirated content is a criminal activity. The result of these illegal activities is imprisonment.

Ministry of Telecommunications of Indian Government has locked the movie site, the You will not be able to open the site in any way. The Tollywood, Hollywood and Bollywood and various other films are available for you on dot Asian site. At this site, you can find movies, present on YouTube.



Do you want to know the reason for which TamilYogi has become illegal? In India and various countries, you can find several pirated websites, designed for downloading movies. For this piracy, film industries have incurred a loss.

That is why most of the countries have banned piracy. In a few cases, the users, downloading the media from those pirated sites, can face issues. Several users have found viruses in the files of media. Thus, these viruses have a chance of affecting the performance of your device.

These are the reasons behind the illegality of using the TamilYogi site.

The Indian government has also mentioned that both downloading and uploading activity of the pirated films is illegal. In fact, there is a chance of facing a financial penalty or a 3-year jail.

Features of TamilYogi

Before visiting the TamilYogi site or downloading its app, you need to know about its features. TamilYogi is equipped with various unique features. Most of the video lovers may choose TamilYogi as their favourite streaming website.

  • The easy-to-use interface helps you in watching videos and movies online. There are more than 3000 HD movies and it is easy to find the right one for your entertainment. Thus, the catalogue size is large and you can enjoy live TV programs of more than 600 channels
  • You can find the option of downloading the movies on your devices. You may watch those downloaded movies anytime without any Internet connection.
  • The quality of the movies is not bad (1080p and 720p). You will find a clear picture of these movies.
  • One of the best features is that you can download the content to your Smartphone. Android mobile users will be able to install the app. You will find no bug in the app, and there is no risk of the crash of this app.
  • The fastest-performing servers are one of the important features. You can stream the movies very fast.
  • The TamilYogi app is very light. Thus, it does not consume much amount of CPU usage.

Proxy site of TamilYogi

In the past, TamilYogi has become engaged in the DMCA Strike lots of times. For overcoming these issues, the team members of TamilYogi have modified the website URL several times. You can find these websites with various names. These are known as proxy sites. Now, we have named a few of those sites.


The interface of those websites has no major difference. As one of the users, you may easily run those sites.



Steps to download TamilYogi movies

As one of the first-time users of TamilYogi, you may be interested to know about the process of downloading the new movies. We have provided you with the steps for downloading these movies.

  • At first, you need to visit the official site After opening the site, it will redirect you to the 9xmovie homepage. While you have not found the main site, you will get the desired content from the subsidiary site.
  • You can find several pirated movies released recently. Now, you will easily be able to pick one of the videos. There are movies of various categories and types. For instance, the site presents you with several movies, videos, and films.
  • You may select any type of movie, needed to be downloaded. You can double click on the name of the movie. In addition, you will get a variety of video quality options- 360p, 720p, 480p and 1080p formats.
  • After choosing the movie, you will find the download link. Click on this link for downloading the movie. However, one of the annoying things about this site is that there are several ads. You have to wait while the downloading process is going on.
  • When the display of ads stops, you can find the link for downloading movies. Your internet connection speed has been strong to make the download faster.

While downloading the movies, you can activate the VPN in the browser for higher security.

Although we have talked about the movie downloading steps, Tamilyogi itself has provided you with a guide at the bottom part of the page. In addition, Tamilyogi’s team is also ready to help you to solve your queries on the download process. Moreover, you have the option of submitting a request for a movie.

Can you download TamilYogi movies on your Smartphone device?

Some users have thought of accessing TamilYogi websites from their mobile devices. They have found that their favorite movie series is not available to them from the Smartphone. In that case, you have the option of downloading the movie using the Android-friendly app.

The comprehensible graphical interface, the high-quality files, and fast download- these features have made the app highly attractive. In addition to Android mobile, Android TV also runs the app. Thus, download the app in your mobile and take your entertainment to a different height.

TamilYogi– Download new movies

Every year, the film world releases lots of movies, and you can surely search for the latest ones by accusing the TamilYogi site. Now, we have mentioned a list of new movies that are downloadable from this website.

  • Lion King (2019) – You can find the Tamil version of the film
  • Bahubali 1 and Bahubali 2 – Dubbed in the Tamil language
  • Dear Comrade – Tamil version
  • Kanchana 3 – Tamil version
  • Tamil version of Godzilla

In addition to it, you can find a collection of original Telugu movies.

TV programs

There are various TV programs, which are downloadable from the TamilYogi site

  • Kalyanam – Tamil series
  • Hostages – The Tamil version of the Hindi series
  • Thiravam: season 1
  • LOL season 1 – A popular web series

Websites, similar to TamilYogi

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Hungama is one of the most known websites for streaming Tamil movies. To enjoy their movies every month, you have to subscribe to their site.


Now, we have concluded that TamilYogi is one of the popular pirated movie streaming websites. Especially, the Tamil movie enthusiasts will get an advantage from this site. However, the users have to be concerned about the legality of the websites. You can choose the TamilYogi website or app for watching the movies.